Time Flies

4 Jan

Happy New year guys,
Its been a while I wrote on this blog and I decided to put something up today I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Its a new year and for most people, we desire a better 365 days compared to what we had in 2013. We have dream, make mental plans, have goals and some of us have even written new year resolutions.
These are all lovely, it shows we desire a change and we want improvement in our lives.

But all our dreams, goals, vision for 2014 will only be actualised if we act on them.
Its day 4 already so whatever you think you need to do to make that thing work has to start now.

If you think you’ve got time just think of the fact that December 31 feels like yesterday and we are in the 4th day Just like that.
Time flies that’s why we need to make good use of it as long as we have life.

So start that business, apply for that job or course, submit that proposal,ask that girl out. lol.

This is your year,make good use of it.


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Episode 2: Settling in…

16 Oct

Thanks for all the encouragements received on my first post on this blog it was indeed a motivation. Like I promised in my last post, I will try as much as possible to update on new developments as they unfold, taking into cognisance that the events reported can a few weeks behind time I believe you will still find it interesting all the same.


That faithful afternoon, after reporting to the necessary people at work, I was famished because the only meal I had was the in-flight snack of a piece of cup-cake and a small cup of  orange juice. My host offered to take me to a restaurant on Kachia road. At that point the choice of food or restaurant was not important as I didn’t even know anywhere. I was  bothered about filling my stomach and not choosing delicacies. It wasnt too far from the office so we drove down.

Looking at the array of meals they had, pounded yam was a good choice as it would fill me. That was what I needed. It came with a lovely vegetable soup with some beef with a bottle of cold soft drink.

After the meal, we drove to his house which was only fifteen minutes away, and I settled in the guest room he had before my arrival prepared.  A bachelor just like myself. He had been working in Kaduna for more than 2 years so had gotten used to living here. I noticed how everyone tried to debunk the threats of security just to reduce the fear I nurtured.  I have heard different stories and as much as they tried I told them not to try too hard because I knew their motive was to make me feel at home. Trust me ,even the blind knew what was happening,  not even with all that had been on the news in the past months and the presence of security detail at different checkpoints I had been driven through.

I am here already and there is little I can do about it ‘for now’ all I need is to make the best of opportunities that come my way.


Kindly drop a comment,Thank you


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First Post…The Road to KD

19 Sep

For weeks I battled the thought of relocating and at every point in time I  wished it was only a dream and I would soon wake up from it. The day finally came and before I knew it I was on that Arik flight on our way to Kaduna. It was only weeks after the last crisis and the security tension could be felt.In that one hour flight a thousand thoughts ran through my mind at this point there was no going back at least not soon. It was a 10:30 am flight, although we experienced a little bit of delay but we eventually left Lagos few minutes after 11am. The plane still had empty seats which is an indication that even though it was the only flight to Kaduna that Monday, the route didn’t enjoy much patronage. I could sence that most of those on the flight were business men/women who are probably on a short business trip (by the size of their luggage).

After an hour of cruising in the skies, the crew made final announcements for landing. It had rained earlier in the day so the weather was a little bit chilly compared to the heat experienced in Lagos as it had not rained for days. We got off the plane and Lo and behold. I was standing on the tarmacmiles away from Lagos considering the fact that the last time I visited the north was over 20 years ago. It was a case of “that which I greatly feared has come upon me”

My failure to remind a colleague who was supposed to pick me up at the airport left me in the hands of the airport cab drivers who saw the JJC  (Jolly Just Come which could mean a stranger, naïve and inexperienced person in local palance )in me and charged me 5k (5 thousand naira) to drive me to Kakuri and even at that he still had another passenger. Lucky driver you say? blame it on my innocense. I felt I got a good bargain because he initially charged 7k and I could only beat the price down to 5k. It was a rather long drive and I told myself the driver was justified for charging me that much. On our way, we discussed so many things (security situation, opportunities, etc) about the town I was yet to explore and I had little knowledge about. He sounded really nice and was ready to offer any help as regards transportation, hotels, etc. he gave his number and I was happy I had met someone who was willing to help. I later found out he is just a business man who was marketing his services.

He droped me off at my new office and said he would expect a call from me.

This is only an intro on my experience while exploring a new city (Kaduna). I hope you’ll find my posts interesting. Kindly drop a comment, I’ll be glad to read it. Thank you


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